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Troubleshooting & Maintenance

DWARF II Troubleshooting Guides.

Battery Maintenance and FAQs

Why is my DWARF II received with no power? Why does my DWARF II have no power after being fully charged and left unused for a week or two? Can DWARF II be used while charging?. This document will help you understand how the DWARF II battery works and

How to Deal With Album Display/Download Anomaly

Bursts & Panoramas: The Album will only display the first image and the number of shots taken (for burst), but these cannot be downloaded to your phone. Astro Photos: For astronomical targets, in addition to the date and time, the name of the target

How to Deal With Calibration Failure

Don't wear any filter during calibration or GoTo the target, wear it right before you press the shoot button. Make sure there are a few well-focused stars in the sky. About Focus, refer to:. Make sure you're in an open space, without obstacles, no bu

How to Deal With Motor Reset/Position Failed

1. Send the runtime log to us for review:Go to Settings-Support-Log Upload:. 2. Please follow the instructions below and send us a video of DWRAF doing a motor reset:.

What If My Astro Photos Stop Stacking

If you could provide further information or clarification on this issue, it would greatly assist us in better understanding and addressing your concerns. Our engineers will investigate the root cause of the issue. If you have the software to open Fit

How to Deal with Connection Procblems for DWARF II

This article is divided into two main parts. The first part introduces 3 connection methods for DWARF II, and the second explains solutions to connection problems. Have a wonderful stargazing journey with DWARF II. Here smart connection means to conn

DWARF II Telescope FAQ Hub

Learn the center axis of DWARF II telescope. Place DWARF II on the tripod, locate the North (or South) Star in the sky or refer to the Big Dipper (or Southern Cross) depending on your hemisphere. Adjust DWARF II to point its axis as closely as possib