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How to maintain DWARF II and troubleshoot connection problems.


Battery Maintenance Guide and Common Questions

Why is my DWARF II received with no power? Why does my DWARF II have no power after being fully charged and left unused for a week or two? Can DWARF II be used while charging?. This document will help you understand how the DWARF II battery works and

DWARF II Connection Troubleshooting Tutorial

What if I can't connect to DWARF II? What shall I do if I got a black screen after connecting with DWARF II?. This document will help you understand the connection problems with DWARF II and provide corresponding solutions to disconnection with DWARF

How to Obtain the Runtime Logs for DWARF II (for iOS Only)?

Don't know what went wrong with your DWARF II & DWARFLAB? Hard to describe the state of DWARF II?Don't worry, this article will help you obtain the runtime logs for DWARF II, which you can send to [email protected] We will assist you in identifying