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How to Deal With Motor Reset/Position FailedUpdated 6 months ago

The failure to Get the Motor Position is a consequence of the Motor Reset Failure, most likely due to wearing a filter while calibration or going to your target. 

If you have followed the right steps and still the problem persists:

1. Send the runtime log to us for review:
Go to Settings-Support-Log Upload:

        - Problem Type: Select the type of issue encountered.
        - Log: Logs are overwritten after reaching 1MB. Report errors promptly if you can.
        - Email Address: Provide your email for contact.
        - Date of Problem (Optional): Select the log from when the bug occurred.
        - Description (Optional): Provide a detailed description of the problem to help us better understand and solve it!
        - Commit: Submit and we will contact you within the next 24 hours.
*Note: Log file will be gone after 7 days on creation.

2. Please follow the instructions below and send us a video of DWRAF doing a motor reset:

*Send the calibration command to DWARF II (redo calibration)again
*Put the DWARFLAB APP backstage
*Open your phone's camera, shoot the motion of DWARF II, and send it back to us! 
*Zip and share the video through WeTransfer.com if the size is too big.

All the above can be implemented in the daylight without a night sky. For motor reset failure(get motor position failure), we need to confirm the motor movement is functional during calibration, so it doesn't matter if it keeps failing on multiple tries while indoors.

This will help us find out if the motor has malfunctioned. If you could provide us with the SN code located on the bottom of your device, we can investigate further and determine if a replacement/repair is necessary.

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