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Battery Maintenance and FAQsUpdated 6 months ago

Why is my DWARF II received with no power? Why does my DWARF II have no power after being fully charged and left unused for a week or two? Can DWARF II be used while charging? 

This document will help you understand how the DWARF II battery works and learn how to maintain it.

1. How to charge DWARF II?

  • You can use a Type-C data cable to charge DWARF II, and you can use a power bank to charge DWARF II outdoors.
  • DWARF II supports a maximum charging power of 18WPD fast charging protocol. When the power adapter supports 18W fast charging and the data cable is USB-C to USB-C, DWARF II will charge quickly.
  • You can use a power source with an input power exceeding 18W to charge DWARF II;

    however, the input power will still be capped at 18W.

  • DWARF II can be used while charging. It is recommended to use a power adapter with a power greater than 10W for charging, in such case the battery itself will not be drained.

2. What is Battery Over-discharged?

When the battery is stored while the device is turned off, it will consume power at an extremely low rate, which is a characteristic of lithium batteries. This means that there is still a small current running even when DWARF II is turned off, so after storing the battery in DWARF II for a period of time, the battery level may become low, causing over-discharge issues. 

As DWARF II's transportation time is relatively long, you may not be able to turn on DWARF II due to battery over-discharge. It is recommended to remove the battery and put it back into DWARF II for charging.

3. How to Maintain the Battery if DWARF II is frequently used?

If you do not need to use DWARF II while charging, it is recommended to turn off DWARF II for charging, to avoid consuming the battery's power and reducing its lifespan.

4. How to Maintain the Battery?

It is recommended to charge the battery up to 50-80% (2~3 lights on) if it is not used for more than a week, take it out of the compartment and store it in a cool, dry environment. 

Likewise, if it won't be used for 3 months, you need to fully charge the DWARF II and then discharge the battery before charging it to 50-80% (2-3 lights on) again, and take it out of the compartment and store it in a cool, dry environment.

5. Battery Lifespan

In a normal temperature environment (approximately 23℃), after 300 full charge and discharge cycles, the battery capacity of DWARF II (5600mAh) will decrease to 80% or more of its initial capacity (4480mAh). 

A complete charge and discharge cycle means charging DWARF II's battery to 100% and then using it until it reaches 0%.

6.  Common Questions

Q1: Will using DWARF II while charging affect battery life?

When a power adapter is plugged in, DWARF II will prioritize using the external input power. If the input power is greater than the power required for DWARF II to operate, the remaining energy will enter the battery until it is full. Similarly, if the input power is less than the power required for DWARF II to operate, DWARF II will supplement the power from the battery. 

Therefore, we recommend using a charger with a power greater than 10W for charging. DWARF II will always use the energy provided by the external adapter, so there is no need to worry that leaving the adapter plugged in will affect the battery life.

Q2: How long can DWARF II be used and charged?

DWARF II can be used for 3 hours when fully charged in a normal temperature environment (approximately 23℃). 

When using fast charging, it takes around 70 minutes to charge from 5% to 100%. 

When using normal charging, it takes around 95 minutes to charge from 5% to 100%.

Q3: Can DWARF II be used with a power adapter when no battery is installed?

No, DWARF II must be used with a battery installed. If the power adapter is plugged in before installing the battery, it may cause inaccurate battery detection. For example, the battery level originally shows there is 80% battery power but drops to less than 20% power in a very short time. Other similar circumstances are not listed here.

Q4: What should I do if the battery is over-discharged?

When the battery enters over-discharge protection, the battery will shut down the output. Generally, over-discharged batteries will be activated and charged immediately when plugged into the power adapter, and the bottom battery indicator light will blink. If the bottom battery indicator light blinks for a long time with no change, you can disconnect the power adapter after charging for one hour and then reinstall the battery for initialization.

Q5: What should I do if my DWARF II suddenly fails to display the battery level correctly while charging?

You may have removed the battery while charging your DWARF II with the charger, which can cause abnormal battery level calculation. 

We recommend that you follow the steps below to restore the correct battery level calculation: 

1. Remove the charger. 
2. Remove the battery. 
3. Put the battery into the battery compartment. 
4. Plug in the charger to continue charging, and the battery level calculation should return to normal.

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