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How to Deal With Calibration FailureUpdated 3 months ago

For Classic Calibration Failure, Selected as the Top Place for Mistakes You Came Across While doing Astros, Checklist to Resolve the Issue:
  • Don't wear any filter during calibration or GoTo the target, wear it right before you press the shoot button.

  • Make sure there are a few well-focused stars in the sky. About Focus, refer to:

          Every Secret Tip You Wonder about DWARF II in Astrophotography
  • Make sure you're in an open space, without obstacles, no buildings or trees or clouds, etc., all these would cause a calibration failure.

*About open space:
Click calibration, and the scope will first go to its start position(see picture below), and the lens will turn up a little automatically:
Then come back to the position where it received the command of calibration.
And it will start to turn 5 degrees to the left, then the same to the right. (Will try several times until it gets 3 clear captures of the stars. With an open space and a clear sky, the scope will just rotate 3 times. However, if the calibration gives a failure notice, it will detect this is a not desirable place and rotate 20 degree to search for stars.

You shall turn the scope upwards 45-80 degrees vertically, and during the calibration the bottom axis will turn left and right for a total of 3 times, so you need to have a clear space of at least 10 degrees horizontally in both directions.
  • Check whether DWARF II has reached its limit. In this case, rotate DWARF II's mount to recalibrate it and GOTO again.

  • Check whether your SD card storage is full. 

  • If the GPS information fails to be obtained during the Calibration, please check whether the GPS location permission is allowed and try multiple times. (In rare cases, such as if you are in deep mountains or forests with no Internet, you need to manually enter the GPS location. )

*About GPS:

1. Where to permit GPS:

Search "Location"/"GPS" on your smartphone/ tablet, and find the entrance to set the DWARFLAB "App access to location".

2. What if it always fails to obtain the GPS location (Android):

You can manually input your longitude & latitude values via "DWARFLAB App"->"Settings"->"Location" 

For more info about Calibration, 
refer to: 
Every Secret Tip You Wonder about DWARF II in Astrophotography

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