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How to Deal With Album Display/Download AnomalyUpdated 5 months ago

Some facts about the album:

  • Bursts & Panoramas: The Album will only display the first image and the number of shots taken (for burst), but these cannot be downloaded to your phone.

  • Astro Photos: For astronomical targets, in addition to the date and time, the name of the target is also displayed.

  • Videos include content you create in Video Mode and Time Lapse.

  • The photos, videos, time-lapse photography, and successfully stacked astronomical photos in the album can all be previewed and downloaded. Burst shots and panoramic images can be previewed but not downloaded.

However, there are several situations where they may not display correctly, along with their reasons:

  1. Cracked image display:

  • Astronomical photography was attempted, but the stacking process was unsuccessful.

  • The image is too large and fails to load properly.

  1. Empty picture icon with no content:

  • The image is currently being loaded.

Different from the situations mentioned above, sometimes the album may have no content at all even if you know there is something in the SD card. There are a few things you could try:

1. Insert the memory card before powering on, as the card reading process only occurs during startup. Inserting the card after booting up may result in the photo gallery displaying no content. Restarting can resolve this issue.

2. Check the following permissions:

In Settings-DWARFLAB, check what permissions DWARFLAB has.

3. Please check if the WiFi assistant is off. In iPhone Settings-Cellular-WLAN Assist

4. Try restoring the network settings in the iPhone settings-General-Transfer or Reset iPhone

5. If the problem still stays, try clearing the cache in the App and reboot DWARF II to reload all the pictures.

If you are unable to download photos, please check the gallery permissions in your mobile system. DWARFLAB App requires read and write permissions for your phone album to save photos.

*Note: The read permission only accesses folders created by DWARFLAB for updates and does not retrieve any other private information.

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