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Order & Shipment

Find the guide to check your order, modify an order, and track the shipment status.

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Basics & Quick Start & Update

Introduction to the basics of the DWARF II telescope and a quick start for the DWARF II telescope.

14 articles
Astrophotography Guide

Learn the setup for astrophotography, and how to take shots of Galaxy and Nebulae.

8 articles
Nature/Wildlife Photography

About moving objects tracking, birdwatching, and how to take panorama images.

4 articles
Troubleshooting & Maintenance

How to maintain DWARF II and troubleshoot connection problems.

3 articles
User-Created Guide

If you are a telescope/photography professional interested in sharing your experience and knowledge, then we sincerely invite you to join us and collaborate with us to make better tutorials.

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App Interface Introduction (Must Read for First-time Users!)

1. Help Center tutorial. Requires the internet to view. 2. Settings. 3. Album. How to download DWARF II shots to your mobile phone?. 4. Connection/Photo button. When it is not connected with DWARF II, it will show "Connection"; once connected, it wil