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You are Welcome to Help Create Better Guides for DWARF IIUpdated 5 months ago

Dear DWARFLAB users,

Recently, we received a tutorial titled "Setting up SD card for use with Dwarf-II" from one of our professional users, Bob. We reviewed his tutorial and thought it was very helpful, and planned to upload it to our help center for other users' references.

This has prompted us to think about how we can do better in creating guides and QA for DWARF II. While our team has already made some tutorials for the DWARF II telescope, it's obvious that more can be done. We hope to get more support and participation from professional users like you, to make our guides more comprehensive, in-depth, and practical. If you happen to be a professional in this field and are willing to share your experience and knowledge, we sincerely invite you to join us in collaborating to create better tutorials.

To better organize and manage collaboration, we suggest that you read the following before participation:

  1. We welcome tutorials on all aspects of DWARF II, currently only supporting text and image formats.
  2. You can modify, improve and supplement our existing tutorials, or provide new content and ideas, but don't submit duplicate types of content.
  3. We reserve the right to review and modify the content you submit to ensure the quality and accuracy of the tutorials.
  4. The tutorials you submit should be original or authorized content that does not infringe on the intellectual property or other rights of others.
  5. We would be grateful for your support and participation, and if your tutorial is adopted and published, we will acknowledge your contribution and give credit.

Tutorial requirements:

  1. Please state what problem the tutorial is intended to solve.
  2. Please state the steps needed to solve this problem.
  3. If the above is not stated in your article, we will add it after reviewing your submission.

Contact Us:

You can send tutorial articles and common questions you find valuable to [email protected] via email, and we can discuss and improve the tutorials and common questions together. 

Note: Please label the email subject as "DWARF II Tutorial" when sending tutorials.

Thank you for your attention and support. We look forward to working with you to contribute to better use of DWARF II!



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