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If you are a telescope/photography professional interested in sharing your experience and knowledge, then we sincerely invite you to join us and collaborate with us to make better tutorials.

Polar Alignment of DWARF II Telescope

This guide helps to polar align the DWARF II telescope. This article was created by special invited contributor Victor Gabriel Trombotto. Telescopes in general can be considered to be composed of two main parts: optics and mount, both almost independ

Configuring Stellarium FoV Simulator for DWARF II

This article was written by Neil E Martin. 1.1 Open the Stellarium Mobile App. 1.2 Click on the Menu icon. 1.3 Select the Observing Tools option. 1.4 Enable the Field of View Simulator1.5 Click on the FoV button. 1.6 Note the default views already de

Easy Rough Polar Alignment with DWARF II

This tutorial is created by Fabio Calabrese, in this tutorial, you'll get a solution to perform a rough (but enough to avoid field rotation) polar alignment with DWARF II, without seeing the Polar, with help of a very useful function which is part of

Using Telescopius to Preview Field of View with DWARF II Telescope

There is a well known website called "Telescopius" used to preview the field of view resulting from the usage of a particular setup. This guide will help you use this website to understand how big or small will be the space objects photographed with

Setting up SD Card for Use with DWARF II

This guide should help you to determine if the SD card installed in the Dwarf-II is usable, and what you need to do to correct that if it isn’t. This article was written by Bob Nestor. Please set up the SD card according to the following logic:. Note

Control DWARF II with a Computer Using Scrcpy

This tutorial is by Fabio Calabrese. In this tutorial, Fabio will guide you through the steps to connect your laptop with Scrcpy. The application mirrors Android devices, including both video and audio, whether connected via USB or TCP/IP, and enable

You are Welcome to Help Create Better Guides for DWARF II

Dear DWARFLAB users,. Recently, we received a tutorial titled "Setting up SD card for use with Dwarf-II" from one of our professional users, Bob. We reviewed his tutorial and thought it was very helpful, and planned to upload it to our help center fo