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Introduction and Guides to Get the Latest Update Before you Start Everything.

What Can DWARF II Smart Telescope Do?

The compact AI-powered digital telescope — DWARF II, makes it easy for consumers to enjoy astronomy and nature photography. The DWARFLAB team unveiled the DWARF II Smart Telescope, the first portable smart telescope controlled by a mobile phone with

First Impression of Your DWARF II(Unboxing and Quick Setup)

How to use the DWARF II telescope after getting it? How to install accessories? How to charge it? Come on! Go master the basic skills of DWARF II!. *Please ensure that your phone/tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi 5GHz, and keep VPN off. Quick Star

How to Update DWARF II App and Firmware?

*Note: Check this link to get the latest information about DWARFLAB APP and  DWARF II's firmware. For App: The App store will tell you if there is an available update on App. For Firmware: You can check your firmware version under DWARFLAB App-My Dev

DWARF II Light Effect

Note: Switching shooting modes on the app will not change the lighting effect, the lighting effect will only change when that function starts or ends. Light Effect: Spinning and Breathing Green. Light Effect: Spinning Green. Light Effect: Constant Gr