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Basics & Quick Start & Update

Introduction to the basics of the DWARF II telescope and a quick start for the DWARF II telescope.


Introduction to DWARF II Smart Telescope

The compact AI-powered digital telescope — DWARF II, makes it easy for consumers to enjoy astronomy and nature photography. The DWARFLAB team unveiled the DWARF II Smart Telescope, the first portable smart telescope controlled by a mobile phone with

DWARF II Quick Start (User Guide / Manual)

How to use the DWARF II telescope after getting it? How to install accessories? How to charge it? Come on! Go master the basic skills of DWARF II!. *Please ensure that your phone/tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi 5GHz, and keep VPN off. Quick Star

How to Update DWARF II

Note: The latest firmware version for DWARF II is V1.3.26. You can check your firmware version in DWARFLAB App-Settings-Camera Settings-Firmware Version. 1. If your firmware version is V1.3.22 ~ 1.3.25, please click here to view the DWARF II Software

How to Connect DWARFLAB App with DWARF II's WiFi?

The logic for the app connecting the DWARF II's WiFi:. Note:. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our tutorial or upgrade process, please feel free to send them to [email protected].

How to download DWARF II shots to your mobile phone?

Long press to select the images or videos in your local album to export them to your smartphone album. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our tutorial or upgrade process, please feel free to send them to [email protected].

DWARF II Tutorial on Connecting Routers(STA Mode)

This tutorial describes how to use DWARF II to connect to a router. Using STA mode can expand the WiFi connection range of DWARF II and enable your phone to access the internet while connected to DWARF II WiFi. Notes:. When an Android phone is connec

How to Use DWARF II and Cellular Data Simultaneously on iOS Devices


DWARF II Light Effect

Note: Switching shooting modes on the app will not change the lighting effect, the lighting effect will only change after the function starts and ends. Light Effect: Spinning and Breathing Green. Light Effect: Spinning Green. Light Effect: Constant G

How to View the Files on the SD Card in DWARF II Wirelessly on a Computer


Introduction to content classification for SD card storage

In this article, we will explain the naming and storage rules of images and videos captured in various modes by DWARF II on an SD card. This will simplify the process of locating the desired file on the SD card. After burst shooting, a folder will be

How to modify or reset Bluetooth and WiFi?

If you want to modify or reset Bluetooth and WiFi, go to "Settings"-"BLE&WiFi Settings" to configure it.When the device is used for the first time, the Bluetooth name (also the device name) displayed in the APP is XXXXXX(the last 6 digits of the MAC

How to view and download DWARF II shots (MTP mode) on your computer?

Step 2: Keep DWARF II powered on and connected with your smartphone via wireless Bluetooth, and enable MTP mode in your DWARFLAB App by following the pictures guide below. Step 3: Open the root directory of the Micro SD card on your computer, then vi

How to use the virtual joystick?

*Notably, the virtual joystick will be hidden in the following situations: parameter settings displaying, the Astro and Astro Dark Feature displaying, the calibration, and GOTO performing.

How do I view the name of DWARF II?

This tutorial will show you how to identify your DWARF II device when multiple DWARF II devices are powered on. NOTE:.