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What steps should I take if my Dwarf II is unresponsive or showing a persistent spinning gear icon?Updated 6 days ago

If you encounter an unresponsive state or a persistent spinning gear icon on your Dwarf II, please try the following steps:如果您在 Dwarf II 上遇到无响应状态或持续旋转齿轮图标,请尝试以下步骤:

尝试使用提供的 Android 或 iOS 链接,看看它们是否能解决问题。

  1. Upload the log through the Dwarf II app by navigating to Settings > Support > Log Upload. Choose the problem type, specify the date the issue occurred, and provide a detailed description.如果问题仍然存在,请通过 Dwarf II 应用程序上传日志,导航到“设置”>“支持”>“日志上传”。选择问题类型,指定问题发生的日期,并提供详细说明。
  2. Additionally, provide device information including the app and firmware version, mobile phone operating system version, and model, as well as any related images or screen recordings.此外,提供设备信息,包括应用程序和固件版本、手机操作系统版本和型号,以及任何相关图像或屏幕录像。

For further assistance, please email our support team with the necessary information.如需进一步帮助,请向我们的支持团队发送电子邮件并提供必要的信息。

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