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How to view and download DWARF II shots (MTP mode) on your computer?Updated 6 months ago

Method 1: View and download the shots taken by DWARF II through a card reader.
Step 1: Withdraw the Micro SD card from DWARF II and insert it into your card reader.
Step 2: Plug in the card reader to your computer, and open the root directory of the Micro SD card to view and download the images.

Method 2: View and download the images through MTP Mode(only windows).
Step 1: Connect DWARF II to your laptop/desktop with a Type-C cable(no need to take out the Micro SD card).

Step 2: Keep DWARF II powered on and connected with your smartphone via wireless Bluetooth, and enable MTP mode in your DWARFLAB App by following the pictures guide below.

Step 3: Open the root directory of the Micro SD card on your computer, then view and download all the RAW images.

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