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How to Use DWARF II and Cellular Data Simultaneously on iOS DevicesUpdated 8 months ago


  • Following this tutorial will consume mobile cellular data. 
  • If you previously used the STA mode, please turn it off the STA mode before following this tutorial.

1. Connect DWARF II using the DWARFLAB app and ensure the connection is successful.

2. Open the iOS system settings.

3. Go to Wi-Fi settings.

4. Confirm that the currently connected Wi-Fi is DWARF II's Wi-Fi and click on the "Info" button on the right side of the name.

5. Remember the current IP address and subnet mask and change "Auto" to "Manual."

6. Enter the IPV4 configuration page and enter the IP address and subnet mask rememberd in the previous step. Do not fill in the router.

7. Click on "Save."

8. Reopen the DWARFLAB app and enjoy surfing the Internet with DWARF II using cellular data.

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