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How to modify or reset Bluetooth and WiFi?Updated 5 months ago

If you want to modify or reset Bluetooth and WiFi, go to "Settings"-"BLE&WiFi Settings" to configure it.

  1. When the device is used for the first time, the Bluetooth name (also the device name) displayed in the APP is XXXXXX(the last 6 digits of the MAC address). You can change the name.
  2. The default password for Bluetooth connection is DWARF_12345678. By doing this, you can change the password to prevent others from connecting.
  3. The default WiFi name of the Bluetooth connection network is DWARF_XXXXXX, and the default password is 12345678. You can change the Wi-Fi name and password.
  4. You can reset the BLE&WiFi. If you reset it, the APP will prompt you to TAP the power on/off button within 30 seconds and remind you when the resetting is complete.
  5. It will take effect immediately after you change the Bluetooth network password.
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