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How to Deal with Calibration(plate solving) FailureUpdated 3 months ago

Some of our users have encountered the plate solving failure issue like below image. 

Here are the checklist to resolve the issue.

  • Don't wear a filter during calibration or GoTo the target, wearing filter before you press the shoot button.
  • Make sure there're stars in the sky. Calibration is after the focus, and if there's no clear star, calibration can't succeed.
  • Make sure you're in an open space, without obstacles, no buildings or trees or clouds etc., all these would cause calibration/plate-solving failure.
  • Check whether DWARF II has reached its limit. In this case, rotate DWARF II's mount to recalibrate it and GOTO again.
  • Check whether your SD card storage is full. 
  • Pay attention to the back and front sides of DWARF II, if the images are upside down, that will lead to failure in GOTO.
  • If the GPS information fails to be obtained during the Calibration, please check whether the GPS location permission is allowed and try multiple times. (In rare cases, you need to manually enter the GPS location. )


1. Where to obtain the GPS Allowance:

Search "Location"/"GPS" on your smartphone/ tablet, and find the entrance to set the DWARFLAB "App access to location". (refer to the below image)


2. What if it always fails in obtaining the GPS location (Android):

You can manually input your longitude & latitude values via "DWARFLAB App"->"Settings"->"Camera Settings"->"Location" (The final operation interface is as follows).

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