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How Can We View the Exported All-black TIF Photos?Updated 5 months ago

When we check the raw files in the SD card, the tif files seem to be all dark. The stacked images in png created by the Dwarf II are fine, but the underlying tif files are just dark. Why this is the case and how can we fix it? This article is to help you with these problems!

Why does the exported TIF photo appear in black?

The TIF image appears black as the palette of shades the computer screen has is way more limited than that of the TIF image (256 levels per color on the computer screen versus 65536 levels per color in the TIF file).

How can we fix this?

To reveal the contrasts, it is necessary to go through a tone mapping operation by, for example, playing with the histogram, which allows the matching of the dynamics of the image to that of the screen.

1. Open the tif file in Photoshop. As we can see, it's all black now.

2. Check the RGB (histogram) at the right side. Click the curve in the small rectangle.

3. Drag the line and you'll see the differences!

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