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DWARF II Quick Start (User Guide / Manual)Updated 3 months ago

How to use the DWARF II telescope after getting it? How to install accessories? How to charge it? Come on! Go master the basic skills of DWARF II!

*Please ensure that your phone/tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi 5GHz, and keep VPN off. 

Quick Start Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApWd9mOqEeU

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1. What's in the Box / Extra Accessories.

Picture for reference only, the actual product shall prevail.


  • All package includes a 64GB Micro SD Card, the interface type is UHS-I, the transfer speed is 100MB/s, and the file format is exFAT. 
  • The ND filter is a solar filter with parameters of 1,000,000 and a size of 1.25 inches. It can reduce the intensity of sunlight to 1/1,000,000 of its original intensity. Using two ND filters when shooting the sun can prevent damage to the camera sensor.
  • The UHC filter size is 1.25 inches. UHC is only used for telephoto lenses. It can block out some harmful wavelengths of light while allowing useful light emitted by nebulae to pass through efficiently, which increases the contrast of nebulae and is suitable for use in areas with severe light pollution.
  • A filter adapter can adapt to two 1.25-inch filters and it has a magnetic attraction to attach to the lens of the DWARF II.
  • The battery capacity is 5600mAh, and it can be used for 3 hours at room temperature when it is fully charged. It takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to charge the DWARF II from 5% to 100% with an 18W fast charger. You can use the power bank outdoors while charging.

Check Package Overviews on KS/IDG/dwarflab.com here

2. Power On/Off

*Briefly press the power button to turn on the device, while holding it down will turn off the device. 


What shall we do if DWARF II won't power on?

2.1 Please note that DWARF II cannot be turned on under 3% power.

2.2 As the battery hasn't been charged for over one month since its last charge in our factory, it is in sleep mode. Please help to take the following step to activate it.

Use a power adapter and a USB Type-C cable to connect your DWARF II to slowly charge DWARF II. After the battery indicator light flashes from one LED light to two LED lights, that means the battery has activated, then you can use any power adapter or a portable power bank to charge the battery.

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3. Insert/Withdraw MicroSD Card

*Please cut along the dashed line to unpack SD card. The SD card may be damaged if the package is removed violently.

*When the SD card slot (slot opening) is facing upward, please insert the SD card with the black side facing up. (If you are using your SD card, please have the Goldfinger side facing up.)


*The package includes a 64GB Micro SD Card, and the maximum capacity of the Micro SD Card compatible with DWARF II is 512GB.

4. Replace the Battery


5. Charging


6. Visual Rotation Range

*Use the virtual joystick in the DWARFLAB App to move DWARF II in an Alt-Az way. It will bounce back when hitting the limit position.

*You can also manually control DWARF II's rotation. Stop rotating when hitting the limit position.

7. Install the Filter Adapter and Filters


8. Install the Tripod


9. App Installation

10. Smart Connection

*Please ensure that your phone/tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 & WiFi 5GHz & WiFi 2.4GHz, and keep VPN off.

*If your phone could have used a smart connection but mistakenly uses a WiFi connection, forget the WiFi of DWARF II and use a smart connection again.

Turn on DWARF II.



*Before the phone is connected to DWARF II, the connection icon below the homepage shows "Connection".

*After the phone is connected to DWARF II, the connection icon below the homepage shows "Photo".

*For iOS versions above 14.0

Click "Allow" when an inquiry pops up to connect to your local network.

Or click the iOS "Settings", find the "DWARFLAB" App, and enable "Local Network".

The steps after this are the same as those of those versions below 14.0.

11. WiFi Connection

*You can use a WiFi connection when the smart connection isn't available.

Turn on DWARF II.



12. App interface introduction

13. Auto Focus

14. Manual Focus

15. Shoot and View Images

*Both telephoto and wide-angle lenses can take pictures, but the image captured with a wide-angle lens will show the view of that specific lens.

16. Video Recording and Playing

*Only the image captured by a telephoto lens can be recorded, the image captured by a wide-angle lens cannot be recorded.

17. Virtual Joystick

*Notably, the virtual joystick will be hidden in the following situations: parameter settings displaying, the Astro and Astro Dark Feature displaying, the calibration, and GOTO performing.

18. Dual-lens System

19. Align the same target in the dual lenses

20. View and Download the Original Images taken by DWARF II on Your Computer

  • Connect DWARF II to the computer with a Type-C port cable.
  • Turn on the DWARFLAB app to connect to DWARF II.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap "Camera Settings".
  • Turn on "MTP Mode".
  • Select "DWARF II" on your computer.
  • Open the "sdcard" directory.
  • Click an image or video to view.
  • And you can also move the image or video to your computer.

21. View and Download the Shots by DWARF II on Your Smartphone

  • Connect DWARF II.
  • Tap "Album".
  • Long press and select the images.
  • Tap the download icon to download the images to the local album.
  • Tap "Camera", and switch to "Local" Album.
  • Long press and select the images.
  • Tap the upload icon, and upload the images to your smartphone's album.
  • Tap "Confirm".
  • Tap the "Album" app on your phone to view the uploaded images.

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