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Nature/Wildlife Photography

About moving objects tracking, birdwatching, and how to take panorama images.


How Does DWARF II Automatically Track an Object?

This automatic tracking tutorial is only for Phone/Video mode in the daytime. For astronomical tracking, please switch to astronomical mode. NOTE:. There are two ways to find the target. You can choose either way from the following two options. On th

Panorama Feature User Guide

Getting a professional panorama photo takes two steps. The first step is to take panoramic photos in DWARFLAB app, and the second step is stitching the photos on a computer. The logic for shooting panoramic photos on DWARFLAB app is as follows:【tutor

How to track fast-moving objects, such as cars?

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Time-lapse Photography Tutorial

Here is the logic for time-lapse photography with the DWARF II:. NOTE:. On the telephoto lens screen, use the virtual joystick to align the telephoto lens to the target. Double-tapping the target you want to track on the wide-angle screen, and DWARF