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Astrophotography Guide

Learn the setup for astrophotography, and how to take shots of Galaxy and Nebulae.


DWARF II Astrophotography Tutorial

Why are my star photos blurry? Why does my calibration always fail? Why can't I stack my star photos? This document will show you how to control the DWARF II for photographing celestial objects using the app (using the example of photographing the An

How to Photograph the Astro Dark

The logic for shooting Astro Dark:. Note:. 1.1 Power on DWARF II1.2 Connect DWARF II with DWARFLAB App1.3 Turn the DWARF II lenses downward vertically, then put DWARF II in the carrying bag and zip it up to ensure DWARF II is sheltered from light. 1.

How to Auto Focus in Astrophotography

Why are the stars I shoot always blurry while others' stars shot with DWARF II so clearly? The Astro autofocus feature is released, this article will help you understand how to take clear pictures of stars. The logic of Astro autofocus is as follows:

How to Deal with Calibration(plate solving) Failure

Some of our users have encountered the plate solving failure issue like below image. Search "Location"/"GPS" on your smartphone/ tablet, and find the entrance to set the DWARFLAB "App access to location". (refer to the below image). You can manually

How to Use DWARF II to Shoot the Sun?

How to Track the Sun with DWARF II?

NOTE: Make sure your App and firmware are up to date. Note: The level can be tilted up to 3 degrees and still ensure that the sun remains in view for 1 hour or more during tracking. Occasionally, it may be necessary to manually move the sun back to t

How to Photograph the Moon with DWARF II?

This tutorial is divided into two parts: shooting and tracking the moon. Here's the logic for photographing the moon in “Photo” or “Video” mode:. This is the logic for shooting in "Astro" mode for tracking the moon and shooting in other modes:. Note:

How Can We View the Exported All-black TIF Photos?

When we check the raw files in the SD card, the tif files seem to be all dark. The stacked images in png created by the Dwarf II are fine, but the underlying tif files are just dark. Why this is the case and how can we fix it? This article is to help