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App Interface Introduction (Must Read for First-time Users!)Updated 5 months ago


1. Help Center tutorial

Requires the internet to view.

2. Settings

3. Album

How to download DWARF II shots to your mobile phone?

4. Connection/Photo button 

When it is not connected with DWARF II, it will show "Connection"; once connected, it will show "Photo".

How to Connect DWARFLAB App with DWARF II's WiFi?


1. App Version 

DWARFLAB app is constantly being updated and bug-fixed.

Keep your app up-to-date.

2. Settings

The most frequently used settings are Camera Settings and BLE &WiFi Settings.

3. Clear Cache

Regularly clearing the cache will make your DWARFLAB work more efficiently.

Camera Settings

1. Location

When the phone GPS can not get the current coordinates, you can manually input the coordinates to get the location. 

2. Binning

Turning on the switch will increase the brightness of images and reduce image noise in "photo"and "video" mode, while the resolution of photos and videos will be reduced from 4k to 2k.

3. Turn Off Camera When Stopped Preview

When you turn on this feature, if you click the "X" button in the upper left corner of the camera interface,DWARF II will turn off the camera to save power. However, if your DWARF II is shooting modes such as "Pano", "Astro", or "Astro Dark", even if this feature is turned on, the camera will not directly turn off, so it will not affect shooting in these three modes.

1. Location

When the phone GPS can not get the current coordinates, you can manually input the coordinates to get the location. 

1. Shutdown/Reboot

2. Shutdown Auto/Shutdown Timer 

After turning on the switch, the time for automatic shutdown can be adjusted.

3. Power Indicator Lights 

After turning on the switch, the power indicator lights will be displayed. 

4. Indicator Light 

After turning on the switch, the circular indicator light will be displayed.

1. MTP Mode 

When connecting DWARF II to a computer, this mode must be turned on to see the SD card of DWARF II (which is currently only supported on Windows computers).

How to view and download DWARF II shots (MTP mode) on your computer?

2. Firmware Version 

The firmware of DWARF II is constantly updated and bug fixed.

3. CPU Performance Mode 

After turning on the switch, it will increase the temperature of DWARF II and reduce the phenomenon of lens fogging(which is currently available onAndroid phones). 

4. Camera Storage 

Check the SD card memory of DWARF II. 

5. OTA Upgrade

Click here to check for new firmware and follow the prompts to update.

How to Upgrade DWARF II?

1. Camera Storage

Check the SD card memory of DWARF II.

2. SD card parameters:

Size :64GB, also supports 128GB, 256GB, 512GB

Interface type: UHS-I

File format: exFAT

1. OTA Upgrade

DWARF Software:

If the title here is "DWARF Software", please check for new firmware according to the prompts before updating. 

Please click here to view the DWARF Software upgrade tutorial.

System Firmware:

If the title here is "System Firmware", you need to complete two updates to upgrade your firmware to the latest version. "System Firmware" goes first and then "DWARF Software".

For upgrading using an iPhone, please click here to view the System Firmware upgrade tutorial; 

For upgrading using an Android phone, please click here to view the System Firmware upgrade tutorial; 

For upgrading using a computer, please click here to view the System Firmware upgrade tutorial. 

BLE&WiFi Settings

1. STA Mode

After turning on this mode, set up DWARF Il to connect to the router, and you can also access the internet while using DWARF II. After closing this mode, your phone will revert to connecting to DWARF II's WiFi mode.

DWARF II Tutorial on Connecting Routers(STA Mode) 

2. Wi-Fi Compatible Mode

To solve the problem that DWARF Il cannot set WiFi in some countries. 

Unless the DWARFLAB is unable to connect to DWARF Il's WiFi via smart connection, this button will be turned off constantly.

3. Activate Wi-Fi at startup 

After turning on this mode, DWARF II will automatically turn on Wi-Fi or connect to the router when it starts up. 

4. Enable 2.4G 

In some regions and with some phones, only 2.4G WiFi can be used. Please turn on this mode before connecting to DWARF II.

How to modify or reset Bluetooth and WiFi?

1. Rename WiFi name /Change WiFi password

The default password for Bluetooth of DWARF II is "DWARF_12345678".

The default password for WiFi of DWARF II is "12345678".

After modifying the name and password, a restart is required for the changes to take effect. 

You can view the modified DWARF II WiFi name in the WiFi settings of your phone/tablet and connect using the new password.

2. Connection Fault Detector 

When encountering connection issues, please click on this function module and follow the prompts and instructions to resolve the connection problem.

3. Rename Bluetooth/Change the Bluetooth password 

After modifying the name and password, a restart is required for the changes to take effect. 

Clicking on the connection button on the app's homepage will display the Bluetooth name of DWARF II. If you uninstall the app or use another phone, you will need to enter the new Bluetooth password to allow DWARF Il to configure WiFi. 

4. Reset Bluetooth&Wi-Fi

If you reset it, the app will prompt you to press the power button (click the switch button in 30 seconds) and remind you when the resetting is complete. 

5. Region

Make sure the region is correct, otherwise it will affect DWARF Il's WiFi not appearing or the WiFi image transmission signal being poor.

Language Setting

1. Language Setting

Currently, only Chinese and English languages are available.

If you would like to add your country's language to the app, you can contact us at [email protected] and help us complete the translation.

App Basics

1. Exit the shooting interface

2. Open/close the small view in the upper left corner

3. Open/close the telephoto/wide-angle camera parameter menu

4. Switch between telephoto/wide-angle parameter menu

5. Clicking on the small view will switch the screen of this lens to the big view. 

6. The view with a box in the center is the wideangle view.

This box is the preview screen of the telephoto lens. When the box and the telephoto screen are not consistent, you need to manually adjust the position of the box. 

7. Battery level prompt

8. SD card memory prompt

9. Function menu of the current shooting mode

10. Photo mode

11. Start/stop shooting of the big view

 The wide-angle lens is solely suitable for capturing photos.

12. Telephoto camera focusing

With manual focus, you can also use two fingers to zoom in on the screen and then focus accurately. 

13. Album

14. Exposure/Gain/White Balance/Infrared Filter/Brightness/Contrast/Saturation/Hue

The preview resolution adjustment will be more obvious when you're taking astrophotography at night.

Burst Mode

1. Virtual Joystick

You can control the movement of DWARF Il by tapping the up, down, left, and right buttons or moving 360 degrees on the joystick.*After you start calibration in Astro mode, the virtual joystick can not be used.

How to use the virtual joystick?

2. Click on "Feature" to set the number of continuous shooting parameters.

Time-Lapse Mode

1. Click on "Feature"to set the timelapse photography parameters.

2. Time-Lapse mode

Even if you do not complete the set shooting time, you can press stop shooting to let the time-lapse photography finish ahead of time.

Time-lapse Photography Tutorial

Photo Mode

How Does DWARF II Automatically Track an Object?

How to track fast-moving objects, such as cars?

How to Use DWARF II to Shoot the Sun?

How to Track the Sun with DWARF II?

Video Mode

Pano Mode

Panorama Feature User Guide

Astro Dark Mode

1. Click on "Feature" to access the dark frame shooting instructions and progress bar, which will indicate the progress when DWARF Il is taking dark frames.

2. Astro Dark mode

Dark frames need to be taken before capturing astronomical images.

How to Photograph the Astro Dark

Astro Mode

DWARF II Astrophotography Tutorial

1. Click "GOTO"

Switch to the calibration and COTO function page.

2. Click on "Feature"to access the astronomical mode.

3. Calibration

DWARF II will perform a full rotation both horizontally and vertically to find its limitation position, then return to the initial position before it starts calibrating.

Do not wear a filter adapter/holder during calibration. 

Do not move the device after calibration, otherwise it needs to be recalibrated.

How to Deal with Calibration(plate solving) Failure

4. Auto GOTO

Click "Auto GOTO" to switch between "CATALOGUE" & "MANUAL" to select observation targets or input the targets that are not listed in the catalog.

5. Stop GOTO 

Clicking this button to stop the calibration, GOTO, and tracking, but it will not stop shooting.

6. The virtual joystick will be hidden during calibration, GOTO, and star tracking. At this time, DWARF II controls the motor, and operating the joystick will conflict.

1. Click "MORE"

Set parameters.

2. Click "Feature" to access the Astro-related functions.

3. Format 

Click this button to select the RAW image output format, either TIFF or FITS.

4. Count 

Set the number of shots to photograph.

5. Binning

It's only 2*2 binning mode, which will increase image brightness, reduce image noise, and lower the resolution of photos and videos from 4k to 2k.

6. Display 

Select to display either stacked images or live images from the telephoto lens.

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